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Are you ready to stop blocking yourself from the Abundant life and business you know is meant for you? Let's get you livin' Your Big Life with Power EFT

It's time to unleash your magic

READY TO Gain clarity so you can make empowered decisions?

I know You. You want to do be able to do the things you want in life with ease, joy, and excitement.
You want impact and income and let's face it, a legacy, but you're holding back and you don't know why.
You've done some inner work but it still feels like you're battling against imposter syndrome, self doubt and old stories.
You can taste your success. The pinch me moments, the celebration, the time freedom, the ability to make your dreams a reality.

Power EFT has taken me from being stuck at the starting line to running the race full out.
I wholeheartedly believe in the impact of
Power EFT to change your life. It's changed mine, and my clients.

These are my favorite things about EFT

It's comprehensive- Energy work meets Somatics, meets Success Coaching.

Power EFT changes the inner story and loosens the grips of hard emotions. Wave goodbye to feelings of not enoughness, unworthiness, fear, shame, guilt, or believing it's not possible for you.

Power EFT is completely customized and unique to YOU. It works with Your Story. This means it's powerful and effective and for the long haul. 

Power EFT Coaching allows your Inner wisdom to come to the forefront and gives you the space to hear it.

Conscious EFT™ is my specialty, it isn't your average tapping session. It's like EFT on a whole new level—a journey to the heart of what makes you, well, *you*. And I'm not just talking about skimming the surface. Imagine diving deep into the ocean of your subconscious, exploring every nook and cranny with a year-long training that wraps its arms around neuroscience, energy healing, psychology, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and more. This isn't just change; it's transformation.

So, what exactly is Conscious EFT™?

Picture this: tapping that not only soothes your nervous system but also guides it to a place of safety and support right here in the present. It's about releasing those old energies and emotions without getting tangled up in them again. We're talking moving forward with confidence, clarity, and a whole lot of joy.

And me? I've had the incredible opportunity to train extensively under Nancy Forrester, the brilliant mind behind Conscious EFT™ at the National EFT Training Institute in Canada. This approach is trauma-informed and beautifully orchestrated across four phases, emphasizing present-moment awareness and reinforcing positive beliefs to empower you like never before.

But wait—there's science behind this magic!

Yes! Those acupressure points we tap on? They're connected to energy meridians that have been recognized by ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. And guess what? Modern technology now confirms what these ancient practices have always known about our body's energy flow.

Ready for a transformation that sticks?

If you're nodding along thinking, Yes, it's time for a change, then you're in the right place. Let's say goodbye to those limiting beliefs and hello to a life filled with freedom, creativity, and joy. It's time to unlock your full potential and let your true self shine!

Feeling curious? Excited? Maybe even a bit hopeful? Click the link to peek through my calendar and find a time for us to chat. Your journey towards emotional freedom and authentic living starts now. Let’s make it happen together! ✨

Power EFT

Emotional Freedom TEchnique

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Your journey to personal freedom starts with recognizing that you are inherently designed to create without boundaries, to show up in this world fearlessly, and to release those limiting beliefs that have held you back. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey where emotional success isn't just an aspiration but a lived reality. Through Coaching and tapping into the Power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), our collaboration will be the catalyst for unveiling the life you're meant to live - one filled with purpose, joy, and an unshakeable confidence in your own abilities.

Coaching & Power EFT

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"I recently did a series of 5 sessions with Ashley, focusing on a goal that I had been working on for a long time without success. Her careful and caring listening, her groundedness and the questions she asked, were just what I needed to uncover the answers that were inside me all along! I felt so much stronger and optimistic about my issue, filled with calm and peace. I ended up getting far more out of it than I expected --- and I've been with many practitioners over the years!. Ashley gave me a gift that keeps on giving, long after the sessions were over. What I learned with her has been useful and applicable when totally unrelated challenges have crossed my path. She helped me grow as a person, so I can support myself in a deeper and more powerful way, ongoing. If I ever find myself getting "stuck" again down the road, I'd contact her in a heartbeat!"“
- Florence L.

Thank you for a great session! Always love our chats and finding new perspective or breakthroughs each time!”


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Embarking on the journey of getting to know ourselves can stir up various emotions, and it can also be incredibly rewarding and fascinating. Before we dive any deeper, let's start with a little exploration.  I've crafted a special quiz that's like a key unlocking the door to your inner world. It's not just any quiz; it's a journey to uncover your Ayurvedic mind-body type, revealing insights into how you connect with the world, your business, and yourself. Ready to discover the foods, self-care practices, and business strategies that align with your essence? Let's get started.

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I'm Ashley!

If you’re reading this, you’re likely on the brink of something wonderful. You know that feeling? When you’re standing on the edge of the unknown, your heart is a mix of butterflies and fireworks. That’s where magic happens, and I’m here to dive into that magic with you. 

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