That Time I Rode a Donkey in the Colombian Jungle: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone and Asking for Help

July 4, 2023

Join me as I recount riding a donkey in the jungles of Colombia because I needed help….

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That Time I Rode a Donkey in the Colombian Jungle

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Join me on an unforgettable adventure deep within the Colombian jungle, where I discovered the power of stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the unknown. It all started with a challenging hike to a lost city, battling rain, river crossings, and sleeping in damp hammocks. Little did I know that this journey would test not only my physical endurance but also my willingness to ask for help and embrace unexpected solutions. So, let’s dive into the wild and captivating story of that time I rode a donkey in the Colombian jungle.

The Journey Begins:

As Brandon and I embarked on our trek to the lost city, I’ll admit, I was hesitant. The unpredictable rains and river crossings tested my resolve, and the constant dampness left me longing for dry comfort. However, amidst the challenges, we were treated to breathtaking landscapes and pushed ourselves to new physical limits. Arriving at the hidden and ancient city, I felt an overwhelming sense of magic and wonder.

Facing Unexpected Health Challenges:

On our journey back, fate had another challenge in store for me. I started experiencing symptoms of a bladder infection, which escalated to blood in my urine and excruciating pain in my kidneys. Despite the discomfort, I was hesitant to admit my condition, fearing it would disrupt the group’s progress. But as the pain intensified, it became clear that I needed to find an alternative way down the mountain.

The Donkey Ride:

In a stroke of luck, I spotted a donkey in the distance. Determined to ease my pain, I turned to Brandon and said, “Get me that donkey!” With his unwavering support, Brandon swiftly approached the donkey’s owner and paid him to let me ride down the mountain. As I mounted the donkey, discomfort was still present, but it was a welcome relief compared to the agony of walking. With Brandon running alongside me, we made our way down the rugged terrain.

Embracing the Kindness of Strangers:

Reaching the bottom, a group of elders awaited our arrival. They immediately recognized my distress and laid me down, tending to my needs until the rest of the group descended. Their kindness and care in that moment reminded me of the power of human connection and the support we can find in unexpected places.

Finding Healing:

Transported to a small jungle hospital, I received the necessary medication for my condition. Exhausted from the ordeal, I spent the next 24 hours sleeping, allowing my body and mind to recover. It was during this time of rest that I reflected on the incredible journey I had undertaken, and the profound lessons it had taught me.

My adventure in the Colombian jungle taught me the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing the help of others when needed. Riding that donkey was a metaphorical leap, a tangible reminder that growth often comes from pushing past our limits and seeking assistance along the way. The kindness of strangers and the willingness to ask for help can lead us to unexpected solutions and foster a deeper sense of connection.

So, my fellow adventurers, let’s remember this tale of the donkey ride in the Colombian jungle as a reminder to embrace the unknown, step out of our comfort zones, and ask for help when needed. By doing so, we open ourselves to incredible experiences, personal growth, and the realization that we are never alone on our journey. So go forth, be bold, and let the wild adventures of life carry you to new heights!

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